Valere Capital

Valere Capital is a specialist fixed-income consultancy with offices in London and New York that provides a full range of advisory services to its clients.


We advise our clients on all issues related to their structured product and derivatives portfolios. Our advice includes but also goes beyond risk management and valuation issues.  We have two integrated lines of business: 

Advisory services: We advise our clients on the value and the risk of their fixed income and derivatives portfolios by bringing unparalleled hands-on industry expertise; we work with them to develop disposal and restructuring strategies; quantify economic loss and expected loss; and can design and implement risk reporting and management processes.

Litigation consulting/expert witness:  We provide our clients with unbiased and objective advice on disputes surrounding complex financial products and derivatives.  Our trading/structuring expertise helps our clients get to the heart of complex financial issues quickly and in a cost efficient manner.   We have access to all the necessary resources, market information and modelling tools to support our advice.  We will act as expert witness when required.

Valere Capital strongly believes that the financial community should take a broad view of its responsibilities. Valere capital will donate 25% of its profits to support socially responsible causes in the financial arena, focusing on microfinance in Africa.

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Spencer Kelly joins Valere Capital

Spencer Kelly joins Valere Capital

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Gerald Preidl admitted to the List of Practitioners of the Vienna International Arbitral Centre

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Lubomir Stojtschew joins Valere Capital

Lubomir Stojtschew joins Valere Capital

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Paul Kemp joins Valere Capital

Paul Kemp joins Valere Capital

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