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Real World Experience. Expert Insight.

Valere provides practitioner experts to provide testimony and consultation on the most challenging and complex disputes and investigations.

Our ability to select, screen and assist these experts in delivering high quality impartial opinions and analysis matching the specific needs of our clients differentiates us from the competition.

We are headed up by four principals who have significant senior capital markets experience and have a global reach with offices in London and New York. 


As Financial Markets Have Become More Complex, Specialist Knowledge Is Invaluable.

Valere's experts are carefully screened and selected to provide the deepest insight and produce the most comprehensive analysis and opinions. To be credible they must have specific and in-depth knowledge and extensive experience.

Through our global network we are able to source and propose experienced practitioners. Our consultants are genuine subject matter experts rather than academics or generic, serial testifiers. 


Our Network of Highly Experienced

Experts Spans the Entire World of Finance and Commodities.

Rather than promoting a set of captive generic experts, Valere only puts forward the most knowledgeable, relevant and experienced practitioners. When coupled with guidance and assistance from our principals they form a powerful team able to put forward authoritative, insightful and highly persuasive opinions.


Valere has built its reputation by rapidly providing subject matter experts for the most challenging of disputes. We have a proven track record of success even where conflicts, the narrow area of expertise or other constraints severely hinder searches for suitable candidates.

Our Proven Approach Delivers Superior Results.

Valere has been providing superior testifying and consulting experts for more than ten years and have acted on over 100 mandates in the last five years. Our principals' prior markets and personal expert witness experience have allowed us to develop and refine a unique and high quality candidate search and support approach.

Hands On

Valere assigns one of its principals to facilitate and assist every expert engagement to ensure a high quality work product from even the most inexperienced witness.


Valere is not affiliated with any consulting or academic institutions. This means we are not limited to on-staff generic experts and can truly provide the most knowledgeable and expert candidates.

Cost Effective

Valere only charges for the work conducted by its experts. Our clients do not have to be concerned about hidden or non-transparent costs. from the supporting Valere personnel.


Valere has been providing litigation consulting services globally for more than ten years. We have worked with more than 50 leading law firms, deploying over 100 experts across multiple jurisdictions.

Uniquely Skilled

Valere's principals have have a deep

and comprehensive understanding of the role of an expert in dispute resolution from their personal testifying experiences coupled with their significant prior careers in finance. 

Uniquely Skilled

Our Expertise Spans the World
for Judicial and Investigative Cases.

Valere's experts have been deployed across the full spectrum of disputes and investigations


Over the last few years, Valere has been retained in over numerous disputes, providing expert and advisory services in Europe, North America and the Far East.  The range of disputes covered all activities in financial services from trading and marketing to compliance and risk management across all asset classes.  We have regularly assisted clients operating in the banking industry but also in the asset management, private equity and insurance sectors. 


Valere’s experts have been engaged on arbitrations in North America, UK, Europe and Asia. The expertise provided covered a wide range of specialities, including negligence in portfolio valuations, IP in trading models, trade finance, insurance, directors' liability and various cases involving the production, movement, and trading of commodities.



Internal and Regulatory Investigations

Valere has assisted clients in a significant number of internal and cross-border regulatory investigations providing advisory services in areas such as benchmark manipulation, spoofing, rogue trading and market manipulation.  This work routinely involved the review and reconstruction of very large amounts of trading data.


Valere’s experts have also been engaged in several criminal proceedings both in the US and the UK both on behalf of former finance executives and government agencies.


White Collar and Corporate Crime


Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team are all seasoned professionals from the world of finance. Each of us has more than 20 years of experience in the markets and we have all personally been experts on numerous matters. We have developed significant capabilities to support our experts ensuring that they are able to deliver the most authoritative testimony possible.


Andy has worked in financial markets for over 30 years. During his 18-year career at JP Morgan he oversaw various derivative groups responsible for trading, risk management, marketing & structuring globally. Andy's first expert witness engagement was in 2012 and has been a Valere Principal since 2016.


Jean has 18 years of derivatives experience. Before co-founding Valere Capital in 2008, he was Managing Director and co-head of Structured Credit at RBC where he oversaw all structured credit and debt principal finance activities of Royal Bank of Canada globally.


David had a 25 year career, primarily for the investment banking arm of Credit Suisse where he was a Managing Director in the Fixed Income Division overseeing groups trading Emerging Market debt & FX. He joined Valere in 2014 as a consultant before becoming a Principal in 2017.


Gerald had a 20 year career, primarily in senior positions at the investment banking arms of Royal Bank of Canada and HVB Group and the investment bank Bear Stearns where he was a Managing Director in the Derivatives Department. He joined Valere in 2009 as a Principal.


Respected Globally Across Industries.

Valere has provided quality service to most of the world's foremost legal institutions

“I have used the services of Valere since 2011.  Each time my team and I were impressed by the breadth of testifying expert options presented given the fairly narrow search mandate we had laid out.  Moreover, the assistance supplied by the firm extended well beyond the search effort.  Its partners and consultants were not only able to help the testifying expert deliver his report on time with the technical and administrative support required but also at times provided significant forensic support during the discovery process.”

Mason Poplaw, Litigation Partner, McCrathy Tétrault

“We hired Valere as consultants in a large

cross-border regulatory investigation and subsequent potential criminal proceedings.  The two partners who assisted us worked well with each other and with us and provided invaluable insight in very complex derivatives trading issues.  Their technical market knowledge was first class and their forensic assistance was key in helping us understand the bigger picture.”

Graham Huntley, Partner, Signature Litigation (London)

“Our firm had engaged Valere on a several occasions over the last few years and consequently I came to know of them through an internal recommendation.  We had been looking for a while, without much success, for an expert with experience in a very niche area of financial markets.  Once instructed, Valere were from the outset able to make a number of very relevant recommendations and provided valuable and insightful assistance throughout the process"

Dispute Resolution Partner, Clifford Chance London


Become Part of Our Success.

Valere is always looking to expand its extensive global network of experts. If you have deep, extensive product and industry knowledge resulting from market practitioner experience and would like to know more about this opportunities in this rewarding arena please contact us via the link below.


I have worked for Valere on several litigation cases.  Each time my experience has been highly positive – Valere’s support and guidance were invaluable, with balanced feedback and constructive comments along the way. It allowed me to produce expert reports of high quality.

Expert - Funds and Equity Derivatives


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